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Grocery stores are playing the music. Lights are on city sidewalks. The Holiday season is here! Instead of stressing out on what gift to buy the picky relative, think about the delicious dishes you can wow your friends with at this year’s Christmas party. Whether it is appetizers or main courses there are plenty of ways to make it Ontario beef this holiday and skip the turkey this year!

Clear Creek Farms is a family operation run by Chris Knight, his wife Julie, and their two young boys in Chatham-Kent. The farm has been working with cattle for over 30 years, and currently produces Certified Organic beef with their purebred Black Angus herd. Clear Creek Farms is proud to have been Certified Organic for just over 14 years. Chris and his family feel that organic methods of crop production allow them to grow first-class grass and forages for their cattle to produce healthy, delicious beef. Their Black Angus cattle enable them to accomplish this as they produce consistent, top quality beef that excels in a grass and forage-based environment. They also register all of their cattle with the Canadian Angus Association, helping to ensure a finer product as all animals sold and processed are 100% Angus, what Clear Creek Farms finds is an exceptional breed.

Chris takes pride in marketing and selling beef that is born and raised entirely on Clear Creek Farms. They raise their cattle on grass-based forages and grains, with access to pasture and open yards year round. They utilize rotational grazing on their farm to ensure sustainable beef as well as protecting the environment for the future.

Clear Creek Farms direct markets all of their beef, selling to families and restaurants across Ontario, as far as Sioux Lookout in Northern Ontario. Chris and his family are passionate about maintaining a positive relationship with their customers and connecting them with the food they eat and how it is grown and produced. To learn more about Clear Creek Farms, click here to visit their website.