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Spring is here! It's time to enjoy warmer weather, longer days, celebrate holidays and Mother’s Day. What better way to do this than by savouring delicious family meals together featuring local Ontario beef?

Mother’s Day is fast-approaching and we all remember the love and care our mom put into the food she served, making sure it was safe and nutritious for her family.

Today, more and more parents are worried about the food they purchase and prepare for their families. Parents are bombarded with conflicting messages about what is safer, more nutritious or even more environmentally friendly! It can be confusing and hard to know fact from fiction.

To have your questions answered about beef and how it's raised, visit the Make It Ontario Beef website which now features a “Worried About…” section.

Bust through the myths and find factual information about the use of added hormones in beef production, antibiotic use and resistance in cattle, as well as what beef cattle eat and why. References are also available for each brochure by contacting Beef Farmers of Ontario.

Ontario beef farmers are proud of the nutritious beef they
raise for their families and yours!


Circle H Farms is located in Northern Ontario in the Rainy River Valley which sits on the borders of Manitoba and Minnesota. The family farm was established in 1987 by two brothers Shawn (Tracy) and Gord (Pat) Hyatt.

Circle H Farms began as a beef farm with 20 cows and one tractor and was operated in conjunction with Hyatt Farms, owned by Shawn and Gord's parents - George and Bev, until the mid-2000’s.

Over the years, many changes have taken place on Circle H Farms including a change in their calving season and a considerable expansion in the number of cows on their farm which currently sits at 250. The family also feeds a number of cattle on pasture over the summer months and they market their animals through a program in the north called, 'Rainy River Raised'. This program outlines specific protocols regarding cattle health and management and then their cattle are marketed at their local Sales Barn.

Like all beef farms in Ontario, the cattle at Circle H Farms spend much of their time outdoors on lush pasture. The Hyatt's rotationally graze their cattle on approximately 1,200 acres, moving them every three to seven days to ensure adequate availability of grass for their animals, as well as maintain the nutritional quality of their pasture. In the winter, cattle are bale grazed through five to six paddocks, which allows for feed to be readily available to the cattle in any weather, good or bad. An additional 500 acres is used to produce hay for the winter months and approximately 125 acres of barley is planted for feed as well.

The Hyatt children, though not living directly on the farm, are all actively involved in many aspects of caring for their animals. Gord and Pat have three daughters, Brenda, Crystal and Angela and Shawn and Tracy have two children, Jeff and Kerry. With all of their children married and many grandkids in tow - many hands make light work on Circle H Farms!

With the Hyatt children as involved as they are, and the new and improved breeding and feeding methods used, this family legacy started by Bev and George some 58 years ago continues to grow and succeed as the years fly by.