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Take off the Chill with Delicious Ontario Beef!

Fall is officially here and winter is approaching fast with snow already falling in certain parts of Ontario. Warm jackets are coming out along with furnaces being turned on! Add to the warmth of the house with a hearty Ontario beef meal. These delicious dishes are a great way to draw the family to the table and fill them with a healthy, nutrient filled dinner.

The Power of Protein

As everyone knows, protein is required for our body to function each and every day. If our body is not consuming protein in our diet, then our body has to use muscle to free up protein for our metabolic functions. It might surprise many people to learn that most North Americans have protein intakes that are on the lower end or do not meet the recommendations.

Luckily, beef is a powerhouse of protein! A 75 g serving of trimmed beef contains only 170 calories but is a full 26g of protein. In contrast, you would need to eat 102 almonds (714 calories) to get the same amount of protein! Beef is also a rich source of complete protein containing all nine amino acids required for the human body to build and repair itself.

For more information on the importance of beef in your diet, visit Canada Beef’s web page on protein.

Foster Farms, Dwight Foster & Family

Dwight Foster and his wife Ruth Ann and family are fifth and sixth generation farmers who own and operate Foster Farms, a large feedlot and cash crop farm operation just outside of Ottawa. Their family farm was established in 1825, and since then has re-located twice to distance itself from the urban spread of Ottawa. Today, Foster Farms includes a beef feedlot, cash crop farm and a grain transportation and elevator business – North Gower Grains.

In 2016, Dwight built a new state-of-the-art feedlot barn for 3,000 animals with a focus on animal care and creature comfort. He designed the barn to ensure there was ample space, fresh air and natural light for his cattle and for his staff and family members who work with the animals. The barn is even equipped with adjustable curtains on each wall to help control temperature and air flow.

Dwight and his family grow their own crops for livestock feed and source additional feed ingredients as needed. A typical ration for their cattle consists of corn silage, high-moisture corn, potatoes and distillers grain sourced from a nearby ethanol plant. The family also grows soybeans and wheat to supply straw for bedding.

Dwight and his family strongly believe in the importance of promoting Ontario-grown and raised food and ensuring local food is readily available for consumers across the province.

Foster Farms market their beef cattle through the Ontario Corn Fed Beef program, a beef brand that can be found in over 200 Loblaw stores across Ontario. Click here to learn more about the Ontario Corn Fed Beef brand.