Cooking with Ontario Beef

Grilling Steaks & MedallionsGrilling Steaks & Medallions
Fast cooking and convenient, Grilling Steaks are tender by nature and always delicious. Simply season and cook by grilling, broiling or pan-frying.

Marinating Steaks & MedallionsMarinating Steaks & Medallions
Marinating Steaks mean marvellous. Take the time to maximize tenderness by marinating for 8 to 12 hours. Cook by grilling, broiling or pan-frying.

simmering-steaks-stripsSimmering Steaks & Strips
Simmering Steaks are steaks served stew-style – they cook faster than Pot Roasts, serving just 2 to 3 people. Cook by simmering (or braising), on the stove top, in the oven or by slow cooker.

Quick Serve BeefQuick Serve Beef
Speedy beef built for speedy suppers – that’s where Quick Serve Beef cuts come in. Fast-fry Steaks are thin-cut and come blade-tenderized so they’re easy for kids to eat.

Oven RoastsOven Roasts
Crowd pleasing Oven Roasts are so easy. They’re ready to cook in a snap and once in the oven, they require no attention. Oven-roast these cuts slowly to the doneness you like and carve into thin slices to serve.

Mini Quick RoastsMini Quick Roasts
Mini Quick Roasts are perfect for small families. Cut from traditional oven roasts to weigh 1 lb (500 g) or less, they evenly cook to medium-rare in just 50 minutes. Cook by oven roasting.

Rotisserie RoastsRotisserie Roasts
Rotisserie Roasts are perfect for backyard barbecue gatherings – easy to manage on the grill and so simple to serve. Rotisserie roast or cook by indirect heat on the barbecue.

Pot RoastsPot Roasts
Pot Roasts give comfort. They slowly simmer unattended providing good and hearty meals complete with vegetables and gravy. Slow cookers make these roasts a good fit for weekday dinners.

Stewing BeefStewing Beef
Caribbean, African, French or Canadian – whatever the cultural flavour, Stew makes for delicious one-pot dinners. Slow simmer on stove-top, or in the oven or slow cooker.

Ground Beef
Good-for-you ground beef is perfect for families in the fast lane. Forever flexible, ground beef can be pan-fried for meat sauces and casseroles or shaped into burgers, meatballs and more family favourites.

Source: Canada Beef Inc.